Powers Lake
Yacht Club

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The Powers Lake Yacht Club is a sailing and social club established in 1949. Located in the southeastern corner of Wisconsin, just over 70 miles outside of Chicago.

As an active member and current Vice Commodore of the PLYC, I absolutely love being able to contribute to the culture on the lake.

This past year I spent a few months redesigning the entire Yacht Club website (and bringing it out of the 90s), and was able to create a much more functional place for members to access all pertinent information (i.e. when we're all tying our 'toons up next).

Each member is outfitted with their own personal member profiles, where they register for club events, and soon, can explore things like a club photo gallery and member directory.

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There is nothing more I love in this world than Powers Lake. As a second generation PLYC officer, it is a special privilege to be able to contribute to the club and foster a sense of community between members.

This website are a labor of love—inspired by hazy days, starry nights, and the lifelong friends we share them with.

Did we just become best friends?

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