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Phlowfest is a one-of-a-kind music, movement, and lifestyle festival celebrating 2022 as its inaugural year at the foot of the Alpine Valley ski hills in East Troy, WI.

I was lucky to be able to partner with a killer group of like minded locals, who are all about living in the now, enjoying the outdoors and cultivating good for the greater good of the humanhood.

The work I developed ranged from stickers and print pieces, to web banners and social posts, all the way to huge vinyl stage banners. Being able to work with so many different mediums and scales was incredible, and it really brought the Phlow experience to life.


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After months and months of planning, the first ever Phlowfest accomplished a funk-tastic weekend

Thanks to everyone on the team who helped make this happen — Michael Mantas, for keeping me sane through endless rounds of edits, everyone at Champs Lake Geneva, and Alpine Valley Resort! Keep your eyes peeled for the second annual Phlowfest in 2023!

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